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    Interview with Evangelist Janet Williams

    Shonquidra Mitchell, now 44 years old, has done it again. From 3 books published in 2022 to her newly released music project titled Good Morning God “The Next Chapter” in the Spring of 2023. Shonquidra has now released her second music project this year titled “No More Limitations.” She is definitely on the move. Shonquidra Mitchell is the youngest of 9 children raised by Samuel and Lessie Mae Mitchell on a small county road in Lodi, Texas. As a little girl she begged her father to teach her devotional hymns to lead by his side in their small family church - for he was a mighty giant for God in her eyes. As a teenager, her dreams to learn piano were nurtured by her teacher Jimmy “Lil’ Noot” Harrison of Linden, Texas.

    After walking away from music for over 20 years, Shonquidra finally accepted her call to music ministry. She now runs at full throttle for Christ. Led by the unction of The Sweet Holy Spirit she wrote and copyrighted more than 10 songs in 2022. Two of which are on her album Good Morning God “The Next Chapter.”

    Lessie Mae Mitchell (mom) and Me
    Lessie Mae Mitchell (mom) and Me

    “This is all God. Before, I would start to write a song but couldn’t finish it. Now I can…for the most part,” Mitchell says.

    It is her prayer that you follow her as she journeys through the musical highways of life.

    “I’m still so in awe of God. He not only wows me but HE woos me. HE has always been there. Loving me in spite of me. Saving me. Sparing me. I pray that HE receives every ounce of glory out of my life. I hope I’m doing justice to the songs HE placed in my spirit,” Mitchell says.